July 15, 2011

  • Updated Lightbox to work with more modern browsers.
  • Updated project pages for better continuity and understanding.
  • Reworded image captions to expand on some works.
  • Removed older images, Less art on the site, but the quality should be higher.
  • Added some new digital files from more recent works.
  • Compacted portfolio selection page, now the links take up less room.
  • Updated Sitemap for new pages.
  • Updated bio page a bit.

August 26, 2009

  • Added information for Circuit Cellar Inc.'s Art Director KC Prescott.
  • Reworded a line on the Konica page.

August 25, 2009

  • Added a folder for the information on the local GD businesses.
  • Created a page for every place I have information for.

August 18, 2009

  • Working on a major graphic addition to the site. Retook all pictures, color corrected and edited them, added many more to the galleries, including new pages and links, updated the sitemap and the main galleries.
  • The new images are:
  • The site is now online!
  • sIFR is still behaving badly, so it will have to be removed from the pages. Going to embed the font a different way, although it doesn't work in every browser yet.
  • Embeded the font with @font-face. This doesn't work in every browser. Opera doesn't support it until the next version, and IE uses .eot format for their embedding, and that doesn't work with OpenType fonts, so I would have to convert it first.
  • Unfortunately, every page's HTML will not validate, because Yahoo likes to append a tag at the end of the file that you can't see on the page. All of the errors for the pages are in this section. Not much I can do about it, since they are added during the upload.
  • Also, the CSS validation buttons say that the CSS will not validate, however this is only because it checks for CSS 2.1 and not 3 like it should (because not all browsers fully support CSS3). As far as I know, there is no way to change it, but you can click the link for the CSS Validation home page, then click "More Options" and select the "CSS level 3" profile. Then insert the web address into the field.

August 13, 2009

  • Edited the IE warning on the main page to reflect the changes in the transparant images. Also alerts them that the sitemap is the most affected page.
  • Fixed the styling on the <address> element. It was using <br> for spacing instead of CSS. It is fixed now.

August 11, 2009

  • After an epiphany, I realized that I could add the background color behind the nav buttons on the image, and save it as a jpeg, making sure to not save the color profile to it. This makes the color match what is on the box perfectly, and the site looks much more uniform now. Added bonus: It gets rid of the gray color where the transparancy from the .pngs would be in IE6.
  • Did the same to the logo, though it took more work. I had to convert the color profile to default sRGB before I could save it and strip it, otherwise it looked terrible. Also had to remove the image call from the HTML pages, as it was not added as a background image.

August 10, 2009

  • Installed Safari to preview the site, realised the Nav looks terrible. The colors are way off. Added an alert to the main page to get help when the site is launched.
  • The Portfolio index was using a different box definition than the rest of the site. Changed the layout a bit and made it use the regular box. However this makes it much narrower, though it still works fine. It fits in better with the rest of the site and causes it to load faster as well.
  • Removed the <span class="link"> tags from the html code, after I realised having them was unneccesary. HTML links should now be automatically formatted correctly.

August 07, 2009

  • Fixed the print style sheet to work with the updated site code. Now everything looks fine when printed, besides the pagebreaks through some content, but thats inevitable.
  • Fixed an annoying problem with the copyright not doing what it was supposed to do. A good friend of mine, Sephiroth helped me to sort out that problem. Big thanks to him.

August 06, 2009

  • Implemented the sIFR font replacement system. I decided to use the Diavlo Bold font made by Jos Buivenga. Much thanks to all of them for their great free tools and fonts. Adding these to the site was alot harder than I initially though.
  • Overcame a problem with the sIFR tool not loading the flash file for the font on any pages but the index and 404. This is because the javascript file that loads the flash file which contains the font uses a relative location compared to the location of the PAGE running the javascript, not the javascript file. I had to include the flash file in each folder for the site in order to get it to work with relative directories. This will be fixed when the site is online as I can use exact links to link to the file.
  • Added the Validation buttons to the rest of the pages, however the validation won't work until the site is online. This is because the buttons use the referer tag thats automatically generated by the html address of the site. The tool is unable to differentiate from a local file using this method, but you can upload your own file using their site by clicking on the link on the HTML validation page.
  • Ran into another problem with sIFR. It appears that in version 2 at least, the sIFR headers show through the lightbox images on the Java pages. This is partially fixed in sIFR 3, although it is still in beta. The java for the headers will be disabled until the problem can be fixed.
  • Upgraded to sIFR 3 and reconfigured the plugin. This version only works from online, as there are security restrictions in using the newer flash version. Everything should work okay, but we will have to wait and see until we get online.

August 05, 2009

  • Added a clearfix to the site. Clearfix fixes the issues of a container box not expanding to fit content when its content is floated. This makes it so I don't have to constantly add to the height of each gallery when I add more media. Score one for the Web Designers!
  • Changed the fonts on time site to something easier to read. Trebuchet MS is easier to read on screen than the defalt Times fontface. Also found a neat javascript and flash engine that replaces set tags font with any fontface you choose, so I will try that out. Best of all, if one of the options is disabled, it will still show the default font. It also allows for selecting the text and is not ignored by screen readers, so its a win all around. Implementing tomorrow.
  • Added the validation buttons to the front page, which are eventually going to be added to the footer of every page... once they work correctly.

August 04, 2009

  • Optimized site code to use a more universal naming convention. There might be slight differences in positioning, but everything will be much easier to maintain. As a result, the global.css file was reduced from 431 lines to 321, improving site speed.
  • Edited the font stack a bit. You may or may not notice changes in the text.
  • Modified the line height making the site a bit easier to read on some browsers.
  • Added images for validation icons to the directory, but did not have time to implement them yet.

July 23, 2009

  • Added an IE6 warning box on the index page asking IE6 users to please upgrade.
  • Installed Slimbox javascript on the gallery pages to use the Slimbox to view the photos and descriptions.
  • Added two pages for each art type to the Portfolio Index, one for Javascript and one for HTML. This is because if people had javascript disabled, they would just get linked to the image instead of the webpage and a description. I needed a way to have all viewers be able to view all information.
  • Linked all images to refer to the script, and added all descriptions to the title attribute. This causes it to display the discription of the image.
  • Edited the Javascript file to loop from last image to first, and vice versa. Also edited the css file to style the link that was giving me trouble.

July 21, 2009

  • Moved the galleries into their own specific sections based on work type.
  • Remade the portfolio index page.
  • Reformated the sitemap.

July 16, 2009

  • New Navigation installed. This one uses image sprites to handle the rollover navigation links. Also, they are easier to click on, since not just the text is a link.
  • Created a sitemapwith the template created by Astuteo. Looks nice and works perfectly. Big thanks to them!
  • Edited the links on the index page.
  • Added a 404 page. This should now be the default 404 instead of your browsers
  • New sitemap does NOT validate, thanks to WC3 not recognizing browser support for rounded corners. However rounded corners only work in Firefox and Safari. Squared corners still show in all other browsers.

July 7, 2009

  • Added a new picture to the gallery: Circlewall.
  • Changed the image next to KBDesign, now its more of an example of my work.
  • Added css to use the span class of .link to add blue dots under links

July 2, 2009

  • Added two new pictures to the gallery: Photo Composite and Planet.
  • Started a page for the Summer Project.

July 1, 2009

  • Fixed the double margin bug in IE for the Face at the top
  • Found a work-around for IE6's ability to not understand the "min-height" statement. Now the wrapper extends to the bottom of the page regardless of version.
  • Added code for hover rollovers on the portfolio links, but it is disabled due to "Opacity" not being a valid rule for CSS.

June 30, 2009

  • Adjusted some of the margins to make the site shorter
  • Tested site in IE 6. Some small css errors, but the site functions perfectly
  • Fixed the portfolio positioning problem. Landed on the fact that I could use text-align to center the image, and apply the border directly to the image, not the div.
  • Worked on the print stylesheet (try a print preview on any page). Everything should look fine in IE, Firefox and Opera, at least.

June 29, 2009

  • Fixed the font spacing for the updates page in IE (It was too spaced out for some reason, making it hard to follow)
  • Edited and improved the design page, making it easier to read and made it more similar across the browsers, fixed line spacing and formatting.
  • Reorganized the style sheet by website section, making it easier to find a specific section and style.
  • Gathering, resizing, and fixing new digital work for the site
  • Attempting to restructure the image pages to use less css, but still have the same effect (currently there is a separate style for each different image dimension, though the only difference is the width and height attribute)
  • Added two more digital works to the site, and wrote descriptions

June 26, 2009

  • Created a design page. Reachable from the Portfolio Gallery
  • Did some behind the scenes CSS work
  • Fixed gramatical errors and a spelling error or two
  • Changed a color of a border, to match the others. The site now uses one less color.
  • Reversed the order of the updates page
  • Checked validation on all new and updated pages. Fixed all errors (Silly me, I had an ID referenced more than once).

June 25, 2009

  • Created this page
  • Fixed major and minor positioning errors
  • Added link to this page on the index page
  • Elaborated the text on the About and Bio pages