Site Design

This page explains the various color choices I made during the creation process of this website.



This color is used for the main navigation links, as well as the background color for the content box on each page. This grey is a nice change from the blues used in the background, so it stands out and makes the text easier to read on the page. Grey colors promote seriousness and is a great color choice for professional websites.


This blue is used as a highlight on the navigation bar, displaying which section of the site you are currently viewing. The color is a nice bright that stands out against the grey stripe.


The main background color for the page. This blue is a sharp difference from the wrapper background color. It was chosen to help create the effect of the main content area floating above the background.


The background of the main wrapper. This section houses all the information on the site. This color is very different from the background of the page, and the added drop shadows on the side help give it an effect of being above the background. This makes it much easier to see the area where the content is being held. Blue represents calmness, and is soothing to those who visit the website. The color makes the site have a more tranquil effect on the viewers, so they spend more time viewing the content than having their eyes drawn to specific effects and colors.


This dark midnight green color is used for the borders around the content box, and the left and right border of the main wrapper. This color helps separate the areas a bit better, and it is not very bold so it will not distract the visitors to the site. It is a combination of green, which represents youth and growth, as well as blue's tranquility.


White is used for the text on the site. It is easily read on all of the site colors, so it can be used anywhere on the site. There is a sharp difference between the grey and the white colors, making it easy to read the text. White represents purity and softness, and is a great color to use in portfolio websites, because it is neutral and is easy to look at.